2016 Experiential Marketing Trends

We offer a complete range of marketing research services in an extensive range of research groups and businesses. Our core proficiency is in five market research areas.

Customer Satisfaction & Reliability

excellent customer service AwardsWe help companies by developing and positioning an extensive customer satisfaction survey. We also create interviewing and data collection, and on-site project management.

Including this profile we generate transaction-based customer service analysis and supervision program in such a way which periodically generates and conducts surveys to take the pulse of the customer. We are qualified in developing and executing surveys with potential, spirited, new and current customers. We help you create a dependable baseline and various programs designed for performance upgrading. We understand that different company’s converse in diverse ways and we work directly with you in developing reports that is user friendly to your concerned department.

Brand Research  

Brands play a pivotal role in buying decision-making. These are the customer-facing appearance of any business strategy. To know their brands is the most important aspect for any company. Whether you are at the verge of creating your brand or you are managing your established brand, we present precise and on time information through our services. 

New Product Research for Launch

The success rate a new product while introducing to any market is very low. In order to increase your chances of new product success, get back to us for our specialized services in new product research. Our experienced members of market research professionals identify develop and launch new products for you. Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we develop the report on customer demands, generate and screen new product concepts, evaluate market feasibility, identify marketing benefits, introduction, awareness and trial.

Employee Research

Employees are often the face and backbone of an organization and their opinion of that organization influence their attitude, behavior and ultimately, the bottom line. A complete research based on employee feedback is very important component of a comprehensive customer satisfaction and retention program in that motivated front-line employees are the best source for identifying internal obstacles impacting their delivery of excellent customer service.

Customer Retention Research

Customer Retention Research- Brands academyWith the help of our customer retention research reports you will be able to take smart steps towards improving your existing customers’ experience and it will result in increasing your customer retention rate. In the current business scenario, customer preservation has been so important to an organization that a lot of things depend on this especially in long term.

Market Survey Report

Market Research - Brands Academy

In addition to our market research services, we execute various marketing research, including all types of B2B and B2C. We help you plan and implement the best marketing survey possible, while taking care of all your business needs and budget.

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