Why There Is Need To Improve Education In India?

India is always famous for offering quality education to students all over the world. But still there is a need to improve the quality of education offered by different government as well as private institutes. The tough competition of schools and colleges is alarming with the increase in their number. Every education institute claims to offer excellent level of education but who is going to proof that.

Brands Academy has taken an initiative by organizing Education Awards in India in order to find out the pioneers of education industry who are serving the best education from so many years. The need of improvement in Education is realized when the young generation is getting shifted in foreign countries for better education and job opportunities.  This leads to brain drain and reduces our nation’s revenue at very large scale. The development of India is based on the future generation so it is important to make them literate with higher education.

edu awards by Shobha Rajadhyaksha
Edu Awards by Shobha Rajadhyaksha
  • To compete the high level of education

As we know, foreign countries like UK, Germany, and Australia are offering much better education than India so it is very important to provide at least same level of education to students in India. This not only helps students to become intelligent but it completely improves their personality.

  • To keep the young talent in country itself

Brain drain is the major issue of our country. People love to get settled in foreign countries due to higher education and job opportunities. In order to keep them in India, it is very necessary to enhance the quality of education that allows them to learn and work in India itself.

  • Better Job Opportunities

For better job opportunities, it is essential to improve the education in India. People with good knowledge and skills are easily get hired by reputed companies with attractive packages. So, there should be high education to make each and every individual smart.

  • For growth and development

It is well-known that India is a developing country, so the higher education will be an advantage for its further growth and development. Literate population contributes on very large scale for the development of country. The intelligent doctors, engineers, artists, managers etc help in different field to grow on international level.

There are so many ways to improve education in India. Surveys can be conducted to know the perspective of Indian population about the quality of Education and getting smart teach is one of the best option.  Once a teacher stated that learning or not depends on students, they will definitely get their full salary. So this kind of statements shows the quality of teachers. Of course, good teachers are also there.

Education Awards By soha ali khanWith the help of Education Excellence Awards, the deserving Education Institutes will be honored and motivated to perform better and provide the world class education to students for their further development. The improvement in education also develops the other sectors of country such as agriculture, technology, textile and many more.

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